Frequently asked questions

Service Desk is a marketplace designed to connect you with the right practitioners and experiences for your growth and healing.
Service Desk is built for any age or stage of healing and growth. From those venturing into conversations about personal growth for the first time, to those comfortable with liminal space, Service Desk has something to offer
Our practitioners offer 1:1 sessions (conducted via video chat) and self-directed downloadable courses. You can find a combination of alternative and bespoke healing modalities including energy healing, astrology, and witchcraft, as well as holistic Western medicine like naturopathy.

Service Desk is available on all web browsers, with consultations and 1:1 sessions conducted via Zoom or a similar video chat platform, meaning our practitioners meet you wherever you are found.

CH-VOID takes a service fee from each practitioner directly. There are no hidden fees, taxes or charges associated with booking or purchasing through Service Desk as a customer – Our practitioner’s pricing is consistent or in some cases discounted from their usual service offerings.

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To sign-up to CH-VOID’s Service Desk mailing list, we require your name and email address. The optional data fields for your phone number and postal address allow us to send you personalized texts and merchandise. Yes you read correctly, we send presents in the mail, and no, we don’t sell your data to third-parties.

You do not need an account to browse or make a purchase on Service Desk.

All Service Desk practitioners are researched, trialed and assessed on a series of criteria. The criteria we select by includes transformational quality, accessibility and qualification/years of experience of the practitioner. It is important to us that our practitioner pool is diverse, inclusive and provides real human value. We note here that no two humans will respond to the same treatments, sessions or courses in the same way, but we aim to provide you with as much explorative immersive material on each practitioner as possible to make the decisions right for you.

As per our initial assessments, all Service Desk practitioners are certified and experienced in their respective fields. Real client testimonials can be found on each respective practitioner page along with soundbites, filters and videos so you get a taste for their delivery style and value before booking.

We have two filter systems. Firstly all of our practitioners correspond to soundscape crystals in the VOID universe grouped by speciality. Select a crystal intuitively to return all of the practitioners associated. Alternatively, use our multi-step filter quiz to find the practitioners right for you.
Keywords and practitioner names can also be entered in the search bar, on the view all gallery.

Find practitioner testimonials on their page, underneath the filter section.

We accept Paypal, Credit card and debit card.

All of your information is protected from third parties unless otherwise stated.
Each practitioner has an independent cancellation and refund policy made available to you after booking. In the case of wrong selection, refunds are generally not available. Rescheduling is available in some cases via the confirmation email you received upon booking.

We love to hear honest feedback that helps us continue to improve our platform, as well as instances that have left you feeling really good. Leave us your testimonials, love notes and reviews at

Receipts are mailed to clients upon booking or purchase.

To reschedule a 1:1, contact your practitioner directly via the link provided upon booking. For all customer support inquiries, contact

Service Desk is a platform designed for proactive growth and is not suitable for emergency situations. If you feel you are in a scenario where either you or someone else is at risk of harm, please contact your local emergency services or consult HelpGuide to find your regional mental health crisis line. Our support team is also available 7 days a week for non-urgent advice on our SOCIETY funded Self-Service textline . In any case, Service Desk will be here for you when you are ready to embark on your supported self-care and self-growth journey to build a strong baseline.