Jaime-lee Willoughby

Jaime-lee's (they/them) work within the somatic field assists people in feeling safe enough to come home to the innate magic that exists within their body.
Bela Crowder, VOID's resident astrologer and founder of the Embodied Heart, leads you on a journey of integrity with Natal Chart Readings.
A Human Design Reading with Annalise Madrell offers an insight into the truth of who you are.
Embark on a journey of balance and recovery with integrative Psychotherapist Cara in a tele-health space.
Vicki will bring you insight and clarity as well as facilitating an experience in consciousness that will connect you with your intuition, desires and authenticity.
Progress your breathwork mastery with this 3-part digital breathwork release of anger, fear and grief with practitioners Nahal Azadi and Lisa Graham.
Psychic guide and energy expert Zara Lawson works with the unseen to free you from invisible blocks keeping you stuck.
Sophie May and Gabrielle Miller bring inspiration and play to the masses with the digital version of their irl creative feast, Hot Mess On Screen.
One of the world's most sought after spiritual guides, intuitives and psychics, Dr Kate Tomas works to return you to your highest sense of self and power.
Groove Therapy by Vanessa Marian is a beginner adult dance course for people who are convinced that they can't dance.
Hypnotherapist, transformational facilitator and life coach Alina Rose specialises in healthy relationship dynamics.
Sara provides you with your own blueprint for understanding your innate gifts and timings, to take control of your life.